Belly Acres Farm

Belly Acres Farm

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's a mean mean world

Randomly typing because I haven't blogged in a few days.  I have wrote several then deleted them as they just wasn't what I wanted to say.  Who would think I would have blog block.  I have even been quieter all the way around the past week or so,  yes I am fine,  just have done a lot of internal thinking.

The evil and bad in this world just keeps getting closer to home.  Last week a gunman wrecked his car at the little school I grew up at and still cherish.  He had stolen gas from another small school and shot at someone that caught him and was on the run.  My kids were in LR at a basketball tournament on Saturday,  1 mile from where they were a double homicide happened.  And down close to Henderson and Ouachita college campus's, a clerk at a convenience store was killed.

50 years ago there were bad guys and I know from stories growing up, I had some extended bad boys in my family.  But they attacked each other, there were stabbings, some shootings but mostly fist fights.   They stole from each other.  But they really did leave the good people alone and vice versa.

40 years ago I was a teenager and we were out and about on weekends, never knowing or seeing bad things happen.  I know they did but they weren't in our immediate world.  A car load of girls never once considered the dangers of riding around downtown or running in a convenience store.

20 years ago my son and his buddies were cruising the streets, by this time my biggest fear was the drunk drivers on the roads.   More and more people were being killed by drunk drivers.   I truly never worried about Brian too much, he was a big guy,  I do remember telling him that to never trust someone was bringing fist to a fist fight, they were starting to carry more switchblades and guns.

Today, 2015 it is an everyday occurrence to read of thieves, gun fights, innocent children shot in drive-bys and rape.   The rape in the middle of the day at our local mall still sends cold chills up and down my spine.  Never in my lifetime, did I think someone would be this dreadfully horrible.

In my opinion and I am entitled, it's my dad'blame blog, it started going down hill when people of all races started getting to busy to seek God, or have him in their lives and even denouncing him and instead worshipping other religions that promote violence.   People were not ashamed to not be in Church on Sunday mornings,  they would send the kids but stay home.  As the kids got older, they stopped going and by then there was no Spiritual leader in the families.

We live in a land of the lost,  we have to separate ourselves from the world.   Times have changed,  I do believe there was a time we could live in amongst the world and make a difference in their lives by seeing how we live.  But my darlins,  not many can do that anymore.  You have to be so very careful because the world is pulling you back ever chance it gets.  Surround yourselves with friend that have the same beliefs and able to support your spiritually when you need them.  Even Paul said in 1 Corinthians,  Bad company corrupts good character.

In today's world I know more people that  have concealed carry permits than do not.  That is because they realize what a dangerous society we do live in,  we have to protect our families and each other.  Here again,  I just am amazed that this world and our area in the middle of it has sunk to this.  Why did I write all of this,   I have no idea, it was on my mind.  I doubt this one will get much attention but maybe if one person reads it and takes a stand for their family and becomes the spiritual leader then it was worth it.  Feel free to comment or email me and I will be praying for you.

One last (Add to) question,  why is it that the most important thing we can do is witness to those who may have slipped away from Christ or never known him as their personal Savior, the hardest thing to do?   I truly question myself about this one daily.

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