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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stories from our Bedroom....Oh NO I Didn't?

Did I really just name a blog "Stories from our Bedroom"?  Oh heavenly days, I know what will happen when my Momma hears, I will get the old TAMI LYNN sure nuff. But its okay, she learned many years ago not to be surprised by anything that comes floating out between my ears

My Sr Prom 1978

I have shared a bed with the same man for 37 years.....that is a miracle these days for sure.My superman needs a letter from the President (next one) for putting up with me. Oh there has been couch nights but that was long ago,  one or the other would be snoring to loud and one would end up on the couch. Those days are over, we just push and shove each other till the noises of the sawmill shuts down coming outta our mouths.

But we have sure had some moments in all these years and I just know your dying to see what I am about to type, aren't you?   While working in the aircraft factory,  we had to get some rotor blades (that is those whirly thingys that go on top of helicopters)  out quick,  I had a customer having hissy fits because they needed these like yesterday.   So one day I was stressed to the max,  getting cussed by the buyer,  getting yelled at by the factory for pushing them too fast.   I had a helicopter kind of headache and my rotor blades in my brain were in full spin.  In the middle of the night, fast asleep dreaming in full color,   I saw it, it was headed straight for us,   I seen the blades hovering and starting screaming for Davey to run and run fast.  He said "What are we running from,  I pointed and said that helicopter!!!!  Golly,  I have to tell him everything. When he got me awake he was explaining to me that it was just the "Ceiling Fan and to GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Recently he woke me up pushing on me, now don't go pushing on a sleeping granny.  He was saying "SCOOT OVER".   I was griping inside and started reaching for the edge of the bed,  its easier to pull on it when you get my age and fluffy than to scoot bare-handed.  The edge of the bed was gone I am telling you. So I had to do the manual scoot, and reached again and could barely feel it enough to grab and start tugging myself over.  I was well over arms length from my edge of the bed and its only a queen size bed.  I was awake by the time I made it to my side and quietly giggled.  Now Superman is like me, we ain't no of no beanpole size and from my measurements in my mind, bless his heart, he was balancing on about 4 inches of his side of the bed.  That is impressive.

This will blow your mind but I can be mischievous at times but have got better as I aged.  Somewhere along the first 5 years of marriage, I decided to be funny and change the time on his clock on his side of the bed.   About 11:00 one night I went to shaking him and saying wake up, wake up you have overslept.  He is a very punctual person and he went to throwing on clothes, boots and headed to make his lunch when I finally,  rolling laughing told him that it was just 11:00 and I got him good.....Silence....nothing....he went back to the room and went back to bed.  But I assure you, he got me back.

We watched alot of TV where people did weird stuff sleeping.   One morning just after daylight I woke up and felt like I was choking, someone had their hands around my throat but not squeezing.  Talk about waking up quick,  I opened my eyes and it was my Superman....WHAT ON EARTH?   He had had his head kind of laid to the side and his eyes were shut.   I started trying to pry his hands off my neck before he really started to squeeze and I couldn't pry them off. I was telling him WAKE UP WAKE UP you are choking me.  Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore,  he busted out laughing and said  "I got you good on that one".   Oh but he did, that was way worse than me making him get dressed in the middle of the night.

One night I woke up running into the bathroom yelling for him to run too.  Not sure what that dream was about but as I was closing the bathroom door he said WAKE UP, your just dreaming again.  Once I got up NOT dreaming in the middle of the night and cover got wrapped around my foot.  One step later and I was laying flat of my face with the cover on top of me in the floor.  Most would have said,  are you ok, right?  Hahahaha,   he said stop taking all the cover.  I could have choked him that time.

Many more funnies and one I will save for later when I thought our son had broke his neck.  This is enough for today......never a dull moment but we sure have picked on each other through the years.

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