Belly Acres Farm

Belly Acres Farm

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Mom is on Facebook and They Found Me on A Stump

Blogging, it will be easy they say.  You will be good at it they said......and then I started typing and deleting. All of a sudden I am dumb as a rock, what do I say?  I have facebooked so many years that most everyone knows everything about me.....ok...there are some things ya'll would never believe.  This I shall consider for a later date.

Thanks for encouraging me to blog, you all rock like my front porch rocker.   Well everyone except my Mom, she used the "Oh So Famous TAMI LYNN" and told me not to do it.  I pondered this for most of yesterday, does my Mom know what blogging is?  We come from a long line of "Loggers" as in forestry.  Maybe she thought I was going to take up logging in the bogs.  You know like they do on TV on that show that is mostly fake,   logging in the mud.   So Mom if your reading this, trust me,  I refuse to blog in a bog to get a log.

The cool thing about my mom is she has a facebook and the not so cool thing is that I get in trouble alot for this reason.   If you don't know me,  I am nothing like my parents.  I am opinionated and do not care one bit to tell you how I feel,  whether it be how much I like you or that you hurt my feelings.   I am candid, what you see is what you get.  This brings alot of "TAMI LYNN" to my facebook page posts.   She shakes her head alot and just looks at me and says,  I don't know where you got that, not after me or your Dad.   For most of my childhood they told me they found me in the woods on a stump,  I think now maybe they were right.  I am thinking before they found me I was the Arkansas version of "Walk Like a Man" the movie.

There could be other reasons for my quirkiness and some of it for sure has to do with Mom.  Oh she looks so sweet and innocent on the picture.   Ha, the stories we could tell.   One of her favorite amusements when I was young was scaring me and laughing at me when she did.   She figured out at a young age that when something scares me,  I fall face first on the ground, you know kind of like those fainting goats.....Baaaaaa...... As a teenager, I guess I wasn't to bright,  I knew when I came home at night that she was going to jump out behind the door but.....yeap, I fell face first on the floor everytime and she would laughed till she cried then off to bed, while I spent a while shaking like a cold, wet dog.   I better stop with that story or the TAMI LYNN might turn into a 2x4 on my "hind-end" as she called it,  we couldn't say "BUTT".  

I love her dearly and I wouldn't trade her for anything I don't think, unless I found some really good beagles and a sharp pocket knife then I might consider it......(TAMI LYNN).   Lucky for her and questionable by me, she didn't stop with me, she went on to have me a little brother and sister.  Till this day I don't understand why after finding  me on a stump, she would take on more.   After all how do you beat perfection, right?   Tilts halo and says, until next not blog in a bog on a log.