Belly Acres Farm

Belly Acres Farm

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Living in a "Chocolate Gravy" society

My non-blogging daughter texts me and tells me I need to blog about my "Chocolate Gravy".   So of course,  I do what the girl child says (usually) as she is much wiser than me and I admit it. 

But first let me tell you about growing up in a Chocolate Gravy world.  From as far back as I remember everyone I knew had Chocolate Gravy.  And in my little opinionated girl mind, any Momma that didn't cook it should have just been turned over to DHS.  (was there EVEN DHS that long ago?)  Now our normal weekend treat had to be earned by eating eggs, bacon, white gravy and a biscuit first, then if we ate enough to please Mom, we got to have chocolate gravy and biscuit for dessert.  Thinking back,  I bet my spoiled brother got away with skipping the rules alot. More on him later.  Let's just say, he was Mom's favorite. Ha!

Now weekdays, especially in the summer we could sneak next door to our grandma's house aka Mama Katie.  Don't tell Mom, but no one in the history of mankind could make the Chocolate Gravy, Homemade biscuits, fried tators or well.......just about anything I can think of better than our Mama Katie.

Teenage years brought lots of friends to the Mayfair Commune and Imma tellin' you,  I was in for my first learning----some of my friends had never had chocolate gravy!  WHAT???  I was just in shock, but they soon had their first of many helpings through the years of my Mom's chocolate gravy and homemade biscuits.  I sometimes wondered if it was me and my quirky-self they liked or was it the chocolate gravy.  Old friends, do NOT answer this question now. 

Adult Tami entered the real world of employment and then I learned what a sheltered life I led.  The first time I ever told a co-worker I had to go get my umbrella out of the turtle hull,  I was the joke of the factory for a week.  Never heard it called a "trunk" till that day.  OH GOOD GRAVY, get back on track woman---so somehow talking about cooking chocolate gravy came up one day and I thought one of my "northern co-workers" turned green around her yankee gills and literally was gagging.  <Northern is anything north of Russellville to me for future reference>  For the life of me,  I could not understand what the big deal was, after the gagging she began to laugh and say I was one of the strangest people she had ever met.  Till this day I envision myself throat-punching her that day but she was at least 5'6 and without a shadow of doubt I know she would have kicked my 5'2 butt.  Rumors spread like wildfire and the "turtle hull" girl now was known to put chocolate in her gravy.  They never gave me the chance to explain it was a dessert type treat.  Meanie butts, that is what they were plain ole meanie butts.

Momma Tami though, oh she was a dandy,  she began spoiling her kids to weekend treats of Chocolate Gravy and biscuits.  And with that I redeemed my self-esteem stolen from the "northern meanie butts".   Soon the friends of both the boy child and girl child started wanting to hang out at the "Mayfair Commune" just as my friends had done in my teen years.  Oh the Power of being the Queen of the Chocolate Gravy,  I was cooler than their big 80's style fluffy bangs and mullet haircuts now. Bazzzinga!

Mimi Tami is now an empty nester but certainly not forgotten. I have learned to discipline myself to not cooking it on weekends for me and Pap,  Lawd knows we are fluffy enough without it.  But at least once a year, Christmas morning all the kids and grands plan on being at Mimi and Pap's for breakfast.  Pap has become the Master Chef on Christmas morning at "Belly Acres" as Mimi needs to concentrate on making the perfect Chocolate Gravy for the flock.

I hope this tradition can continue with my kids as well as the cousins,  and welp, just maybe you can start it in your family too.  Here is my recipe, you can pay me later sweet tator, okay?

Tami’s Chocolate Gravy Recipe
Mix the following ingredients in a medium
size saucepan and stir 
With a wire whisk:
2 ½ tbls. Flour
3 tbls. Hersheys cocoa
1 ½ cups of sugar
1 can of evaporated milk
1 cup of water
beat this until all lumps are out and
put on medium heat and stir 
until it begins to boil slowly, when
it is semi-thick remove
 from heat
and add 1 teas. Vanilla flavoring and 1/2 stick of margarine
 stir again till melted.
Serve over hot biscuits (bisquick fools them

Let me know how you like it!