Belly Acres Farm

Belly Acres Farm

Friday, January 9, 2015

She knows me best, she has heard my heart beat from the inside.

I want to introduce you to my Mom, otherwise known to most middle schooler’s as Mimi. To say I am excited about this new endeavor of my Mom’s is an understatement! With Mom around there is always a laugh and an adventure to be had. I cannot wait to see how she shares her life lessons, stories, photos and country escapades with you all.

Growing up in a house with the wittiest, funniest and quirkiest mother not only inspired me but all of my girlfriends from a very young age. Living in the country, down a 2 mile dirt road, with WELL water, and more guns than the Robertsons’ there is a daily occurrence of hysterics that will leave you giggling and longing for a day or two spent at Belly Acres! An avid animal lover, she has raised any and all types from squirrels, birds, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, deer, calves, rabbits and now she spends her days training beagles. Hunting, fishing, riding four wheelers, teaching bible study and helping rear up her 3 grandboys are a few other things she enjoys.

Get ready for laughs, cries, lessons, honesty and most of all love from Mimi!!- Her daughter~Laci

I find it only fitting to let Laci write my first blog and introduce how she describes me.  She didn't think my description "Weirdo" would work.   Please read what my beautiful daughter had to say about my new endeavor of blogging.